VII International Scientific and Practical conference

“Innovations in hemp 2021plus”

August, 26-28 2021, Hlukhiv, Sumy region, Ukraine

The main event

of Ukrainian hemp!

  • leading domestic companies and experts and foreign participants;
  • profile branch associations;
  • innovations and folk traditions;
  • quality hemp products from manufacturers.


We are glad to invite you to participate in the VII International Scientific and Practical conference “Innovations in hemp 2021plus”, which will take place on August 26-28 2021 at the Institute of Bast Crops of NAAS (Hlukhiv, Sumy region).

The conferences organized by the Institute of Bast Crops of NAAS, have their glorious historical traditions. One of the first conferences took place back in 1932. The latest statistics of conferences began in 2009, when in society there was an urgent need for information about cultivation of industrial hemp accumulated in the institute. This is the period of preparation of European business for “hemp boom”.

Our conferences are always unique platform for business communication of specialists, experts and entrepreneurs from different areas of production and discussion of latest innovations in the use of hemp raw materials in the production of various products. Traditionally, more than 100 participants from 5-8 countries take part in them.

Since 2020 the format of this event has been changed which now includes plenary sessions, exhibition of hemp products, presentation of hemp industry enterprises and “The Day of Hemp Field”.

The domestic and foreign hemp leaders are invited to participate for directions:

  • modern varieties and varietal agricultural techniques of growing;
  • harvesting and processing technologies;
  • industrial food hemp;
  • industrial hemp in light industry;
  • building materials and bioenergy based on hemp raw materials;
  • medical use of industrial hemp;
  • industrial hemp and green tourism;
  • technological equipment for small agricultural enterprises;
  • legislation in the field of cultivation industrial hemp.

Sponsorship opportunities

We are always open to creative ideas and will be happy to help you implement them. We invite you to join the spirit of the hemp conference of advertisers and sponsors.



The Institute of Bast Crops NAAS is a budget research institution founded in 1931.

The institute conducts research and provides consultations in the field of breeding, cultivation, harvesting and processing of industrial hemp and flax. Every year the institute conducts various scientific and practical trainings on these issues.

We look forward to the conference,
Director of the Institute of Bast Crops S.M. Tkachenko